Saulo Daniel - Game Dev

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In an attempt to protect the Earth against unknown beings from the abyssal zone, several sea warrior girls.
Card Game
Help a tribe of Fungi make the soil fertile again in this pixelated puzzle platformer
In a bar of monsters there is a competition between bartenders.
A platform game that passes a beautiful message.
A pigeon takes the place of the hero to save the pricesa.
"After the 7th Day" is a pet game with elements of visual novel, or point & click, or whatever...
Visual Novel
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#HangoverGameJam Deep Space... Meteorite storms.
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A brave knight facing aliens to save his beloved. An epic adventure that can change the history of the world.
A being from another dimension parallel to end by accident in our world and gets in trouble high.
A warrior hunter of goblins and hired to eliminate a pack of a region
What if you suddendly got inside of your favorite arcade machine... Literally